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Olivetti is a name that is recognized around the world, and is widely acknowledged as a global leader in office automation, computing, and telecommunications. For more than one hundred years, Olivetti has built a reputation as one of the world’s most iconic brands, renowned for its rich history, timeless quality, and universal appeal. And today, on every continent, Olivetti is still constantly evolving, its designers at the forefront of the latest breakthroughs in user-orientated technology.

Ultimately, though, the reason for Olivetti’s on-going growth and phenomenal success comes down to one simple factor: popularity.

Olivetti products are consistently rated among the world’s best, precisely because they are immensely practical, easy to use, and superbly cost-effective. Add features like beautiful design, effortless function, and legendary reliability, and it is easy to see why Olivetti is an obvious first choice.


Durban Data Imports is the largest importer and agent for original Olivetti products across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our network of authorized dealers ranges across South Africa and neighbouring countries throughout Africa, including Angola, Cameroon, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia. We supply a large selection of office automation products, which includes printers, copiers, specialised scanners, and multifunctional networked solutions as well as a range of unique and innovative software that is designed to streamline your business and significantly reduce operating costs. We are the sole distributors for specialised Olivetti Banking products.

From banks to schools, corporates to SMEs, an ever-increasing number of people are enjoying the benefits of Olivetti’s uniquely intelligent approach to business automation.

Contact us or your nearest dealer today, and discover how Olivetti can add value to your business.

Banking Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of reliable, cost effective printing, scanning and optical as well as magnetic cheque recognition devices and so much more.

Intelligent Information Management

OliBox is the innovative cloud solution created for managing all types of documents, files and other kinds of information.

Business Solutions

Olivetti has been at the forefront of office automation for more than a century - pioneering the field of multifunction electronic duplication and communication.

Schools & Education

Olivetti understand the unique requirements of schools and educational institutions in that they require hardy, durable and cost effective solutions.

Featured Products