Monochrome Multifunctional Devices

Durban Data Imports provides a range of Olivetti Multifunctional digital systems for everyday reproduction and printing of monochrome (black/white) documents. Robust, reliable, fast, ideal for all office processes and in schools and the education sector - large and small, these systems are designed specifically to boost productivity by cutting costs. 



Banking Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of reliable, cost effective printing, scanning and optical as well as magnetic cheque recognition devices and so much more.

Intelligent Information Management

OliBox is the innovative cloud solution created for managing all types of documents, files and other kinds of information.

Business Solutions

Olivetti has been at the forefront of office automation for more than a century - pioneering the field of multifunction electronic duplication and communication.

Schools & Education

Olivetti understand the unique requirements of schools and educational institutions in that they require hardy, durable and cost effective solutions.