Olipad Smart Tablets

Olipad is Olivetti’s answer to high-performance multimedia tablets which combine Italian design flair with all the technological advances required of a high performance tablet. Olivetti tablets come standard with high-definition screen resolution, integrated GPS and high resolution cameras. These units are compact and light-weight and contain powerful processors for speed and ease of use, perfect for those going places.

There are several Olivetti tablets to choose from, including some of the most technologically advanced Touch tablets on the market. Some operate on the Windows 8 platform, and other Olivetti tablets are on an Android platform, with more than 150 000 applications available for browsing or downloading via the Android market to suit your particular interests and requirements.

Olivetti tablets include the Olipad W811 and the Olipad 3.

The Olipad W811 is Olivetti’s latest graphometric device with a special sensor and stylus which enables the entire screen surface to be written on. Read more about it here.

Olipad 3  is a lightweight, compact portable device with many features including a 10.1” High definition touch screen display and Google’s Android 4.0 operating system and a powerful quad-core 1.4 GHz NVIDIA 3 processor. This tablet is a top performer in the 10.1" category.  For more information on the Olipad 3, please click here.


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We offer a comprehensive range of reliable, cost effective printing, scanning and optical as well as magnetic cheque recognition devices and so much more.

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OliBox is the innovative cloud solution created for managing all types of documents, files and other kinds of information.

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Olivetti has been at the forefront of office automation for more than a century - pioneering the field of multifunction electronic duplication and communication.

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